gelato is our passion
Giuliana Maravalle, co-owner and creative vision behind
Gelato Giuliana has been following her passions and turning them
into success stories since she was 19. An entrepreneurial veteran
over 30 years, she's owned and operated several enterprises, until
“retiring” to focus solely on Caffe Bottega, where Gelato Giuliana
was born!

Inspired deeply by her native Italian heritage, she brings her love
of tradition, beautiful food, simple quality, and artisan craftsmanship
to the brand, giving this wonderful gelato its authenticity.

“Gelato is my passion!” she says. "Making gelato came about
because I could not find quality gelato here in America, so I decided
I would have to make it myself!”

At Caffe Bottega’s gelato bar, Giuliana watched as her customers tasted
her gelato for the first time. The spoon entered their mouth not expecting the burst of flavor and silky texture
they tasted as their eyes opened wide with delight!

With the increasing popularity, demand for her gelato, and her unstoppable desire to keep growing, Giuliana put together a team of partners who shared her vision for taste and perfection and opened a wholesale production facility in New Haven, CT.

Her passion for quality and her rich heritage give life to a gelato that is recognized as a guarantee of refined gourmet pleasure that awakens the senses.

2013 See our cool spot on NBC!


2012 Inner City 100 Winner-Gelato Giuliana
has been named as one of the top 100
fastest growing inner city businesses
which was published in Fortune.


"The most intense gelato you'll ever taste..."
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Best of CT award Gelato Giuliana

Gelato Giuliana

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